About Us


KDR Enterprises started in 1973 within the Rattet family. The idea of KDR Contractors started 3 years ago after a kitchen project gone wrong.  Seth Rattet had hired a contractor to remodel his kitchen.  After 3 months delay before the project got started and none stop headache Seth had to fire his contractor but not before the contractor took half the money. So from that unfortunate experience and after realizing that he wasn’t the only one in that situation, KDR Contractors was born!


 We are committed to our client at 100%. We offer excellent service from beginning to end. At KDR Contractors we believe that all successful project is based on communication between the general contractor and the client. No more “wait one week to have a call back” or “project was supposed to be done 2 months ago” or “it was $$, but it’s now $$$$$ “. We are available for or customers and easy to reach for questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Because your project shouldn’t be a headache or add stress to your life!


Our contracting services teams offer experience in our field, expertise in General Contracting. Honesty and integrity in that we do and what we say we will do at competitive cost to achieve your objectives.